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Suites & Luxury Rooms

When staying at Lodge on Lake, you’ll find that it’s a place for every kind of traveller, looking to escape to paradise. Our Suites & Luxury Rooms are all beautifully designed, expertly decorated and feature complimentary Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and a number of other amenities and facilities, all expertly curated to give you a sense of luxury from the moment you put your luggage down.

Honeymoon Suite

Our Honeymoon Suite, is designed is such a way, keeping in mind the privacy and the purpose of your stay in mind. A big private luxury suite with spectacular views, and tastefully decorated to insure you have the best stay.


Luxurious room with private bath and shower clad in marble tiles.


Large and luxurious double room with private bath and shower.

Fish Eagle

Large luxurious room with a cozy corner bath and private shower clad in exquisite marble.


Large and luxurious double room with two free-standing designer basins and an oval bath embedded in marble tiles for pure elegance and luxury.